Monday, May 25th, 2009

Grade D But Editble Reviews

Just a quick post memorial-day tidbit - posted a review of our services on their website - check it out or see below...

"Technically, night one. We got here late, cuz I hadda drive way long to pick up my awesome new shirts, which I friggin LOVE. In fact if you need shirts, and you're in NJ or somewhere near, you should buy your shirts from Bands on a Budget, because his prices are great, and Bret's an awesome guy. So anyways. We drove a long time (me= me n Randy), Connecticut BLOWS, and we got here and went to check in to the con Thursday night. And the badges SUCK this year. What the hell? I'm gonna try to post tomorrow about Friday, so maybe check back? If I can pull my shit together I will really post all weekend! EXCITING."