Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Top 4 uses for IndieCard Digital Download Cards

The popularity of IndieCards is constantly increasing, as there are many uses for this innovative promotional tool. Whether you are a musician, a label, a small business owner, a radio station, or just an average joe, IndieCards can be used to your benefit in a number of ways. Still not familiar with the concept of IndieCards? Here are the top 4 ways IndieCards can be used:

1) Hand Out As Demos
If you have ever been to any kind of concert, I'm sure you have been handed a band's demo CD before. It is always great to get free stuff, but sometimes it is inconvenient to carry around a bulky CD. Do your fans a favor and get IndieCards, so when you hand them out, they can just stick the cards right in their pocket

2) Promotional Postcards
In addition to just including your music on the card, you can also use the physical card as a method of advertising as well. Bands can include information on the actual card as well, including the band name, website, show dates, and other items. Instead of handing out postcards and a CD, why not just get IndieCards, where you can combine the two in this compact format.

3) Replacement For CDs
We already went over how handing out IndieCards is more convenient for fans at concerts due to its compact size, but for full length CDs in general that people purchase anywhere, it is also a good alternative. People like sleek products, and it seems like the smaller the product, the better. Cell phones used to be the size of a brick (e.g. the Zack Morris phone), but have evolved into fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. The same case works for music, as it is a lot easier to handle something the size of a credit card than a bulky CD case.

4) Added Value To Sell With CDs and Vinyl
Although IndieCards are becoming the new trend in music distribution, there will always be people who prefer CDs to the cards. For the people who still enjoy purchasing CDs, you can still get IndieCards to include with the CD as a bonus for the customers. This gives them the option to either use the CD or IndieCard to listen to the music. This extra bonus also entices the customers to purchase the CD since there would be an added value to the purchase.

It also comes in handy with Vinyl records. Not everyone who buys Vinyl records has a record player and many people want to be able to put their music on their iPod. By releasing IndieCards with a 7” or full length vinyl record, it gives the people the ability to enjoy your music in multiple formats.

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