Thursday, June 25th, 2009

On The Verge Featuring Hanson

Our friends over at On The Verge have an interview up with the band Hanson. They cover a number of topics including the reason behind their barefoot walks, their new album, and much more.

Hanson hosted its 102nd Walk around the world raise AIDS awareness at Montclair State University in November. On The Verge was there for every freshly manicured, barefoot step, along with about 200 other action takers. Later on, we invaded the brothers dressing room to discuss the importance of The Walk Campaign (Hanson generously donates $1 per walker to help African children) and the bands secrets for self-made success in todays music industry. Aspiring indies, grab a pen and paper because youre going to want to note the words of wisdom from Issac, Taylor and Zac.

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