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This weeks BOAB Feature Band is Sam Screams, a Hardcore Metal band from Nashville TN. It started as a solo project, but once it gained notoriety it became a full band. Currently they're in the studio perfecting their craft.⠀---⠀Check Them Out:⠀Bandcamp :

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BOAB FEATURE BAND: Psykidelic Oven Mit

This weeks BOAB feature band is Psykidelic Oven Mit is a Rock & Roll power trio headquartered in Long Branch, New Jersey. Their motto is "Better Cooking Through Rock". Miranda Taylor (Ex-Maid, Hunchback, Black Wine) plays drums, Chris Szczerbienski (Street Walking Cheetahs, A Rocket to Mars.) plays bass, and Frank Bressi...

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BOAB FEATURE BAND: Distance Defined

This weeks BOAB Feature Band is Distance Defined, a band from Alaska that is actually spread apart nearly 300 miles between members. The band is made up of Rollin Ritter from Kenai (lead vocals), Trevyn Days from Anchor Point (guitar/vocals), Trentyn Days from Homer (bass/vocals), and Tim Vinson from Wasilla (drums). The band began nearly a...

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This weeks BOAB Feature Band is mulholland. from Ventura Country, California. They started out as a little project between guitarist Asher and vocalist Sean. They record a few songs, programs and drums, overlaid those with some vocals and then before they knew it they had about five songs. They showed some...

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BOAB Feature Band: Victors Door

This weeks BOAB feature band is victors door. they are a Female led Indie Pop/Rock band from Minneapolis. Their songs range from a softer piano lead, to a more gritty electric guitar and synth driven sound. They have fun using complex rhythms and time signature changes that are well held together by melodic guitar...