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Deal of the Moment Registration Page

Sign up for our exclusive Deal of the Moment mailing list and be the first in yo' hood to get access to even lower prices from

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Launchpad Creatives Social Media for Bands Seminar

Just a quick Monday note - our friends over at Launchpad Creatives are hosting a seminar for musicians on May 12th. Click through for more info and to register.

Read More + The Fest 10 = Beautiful Redneck Babies (The Fest 10 Tickets on Sale Now)

Once again will be out at The Fest in Gainesville, FL Halloween weekend. Look for us at the vendor flea market as well as getting into trouble all weekend. Stay tuned for some ticket giveaways as well in the weeks/months ahead.

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New products - Custom Carabiners, Pink Picks, Pint Glasses & More News and Specials [May 2011]

This month introduces custom carabiners, pink picks, custom pint glasses and more [May 2011 News & Specials]

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How to Get by with High Gas Prices as a Band on the Road

No matter where you are in the country, or what stage of touring and playing shows your band is at, we know that you're feeling this gas price rise... hard.