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Review of an Intimate Evening with River City Extension Members and Friends

After 2 months of impressive and memorable shows at the new BandsonaBudget/Cowerks space, we were witness to something really unique this past Saturday. Usually bustling with people both inside and out, Asbury as a whole seemed to slow down on Saturday night. Maybe it was the obstacle course construction sights that...

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News & Specials - October 2010

Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [October 2010] 630 Mattison Ave. Asbury Park, NJ 07712 | 1-866-471-3868 Upcoming Shows & Specials! We love the onset of a new season and we're especially excited about this fall. Bands on a Budget/Cowerks has begun to expand into new realms that go beyond...

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Two Area Musicians Helping Promote Other Musicians, Bands [The Coaster Sept 30, 2010]

The Coaster Did a great piece on us last week but don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself below! Download Hi-Res Version...

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The Touring Musician's Guide to Asbury Park

This past weekend, I met a band from England that was coming through Asbury Park to start their US tour.

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How to Sell More Merch

What's the good in making awesome merch for your band if you aren't selling it? Band merchandise is an important aspect of having a band; the potential for both promoting yourself and making money is huge. Selling merch helps you recoup other expenses you dish out (equipment, gas for shows, etc),...