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Phone Service Issues - Moving To A Bigger Store/Office

Hey all, we are currently in the process of moving to a bigger and better store/office.  Our phone lines have been switching over from our old carrier to our new service and everything is a bit in limbo. We assure you that everything is okay, even if some of you are...

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BandsOnABudget News and Specials [May 2010]

Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [May 2010] 630 Mattison Ave. Asbury Park, NJ 07712 | 1-866-471-3868 May 2010 News & Specials May 1st marked a really exciting day for, as we've begun moving into our new office! Don't worry, you'll still be able to find us, as we've...

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Emerging Artist Interviews: Lost in Society

1.     What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you?   Hector – HIM (Deep shadows and brilliant high lights, that album is amazing) Zach - Green Day, International Superhits. 2. If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be?  ...

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Those Mockingbirds debut new EP - No Symmetry

Our good friends Those Mockingbirds have some exciting new - read the official press release below and make sure to catch them on tour. New Jersey’s THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS came together with the intention of capturing a collective desire for new sonic fusion. With a balance of old and new, soft and...

Read More Feature: Behind the Scenes with Billy O'Brien of

The name Billy O'Brien is a brand in itself. He's the common denominator in most circles of friends and a standard for all up and coming bands worth checking out. Throughout the past 10+ years, Billy has had his hands in many different areas of the music industry, particularly surrounding the...