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Pledge Music: The Art of Integrating all Sides of the Music Industry

At, we love having the opportunity to support other companies run by musicians for musicians. Our friends over at Pledge Music have been making their mark through record releases, band management, marketing and development of big bands with big hits, and little bands who are right behind. With a state...

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The Simple Process of Placing a Merch Order with

We get a lot of questions regarding our ordering process and how one goes about making merchandise with us so, in an effort to alleviate your concerns, we bring you an article on exactly how our ordering works. enjoy! 1. Shop the site, decide what kind of merchandise you'd like to...

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Live From - Sounds From Atlantis

NJ's Own “Sounds from Atlantis” to Perform at Doc Watson's and Crocodile Rock this Month November 11, 2009- Hailing from Westville, NJ, the up and coming indie band Sounds from Atlantis are moving like a freight train that we highly recommend not getting out of the way of. If you haven't...

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S*ALT - Sprinkling The Love All Over The Wonderbar

The Aquarian's, John Pfeiffer did a great piece on our friends over at  Read the full article below and be sure to come out every Tuesday night and check out what they have going on. There are many methods that upstart organizers use for attracting patrons.They use flyers and coupons...

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How to Release a CD without a Record Label: From Start to Finish

The music industry is certainly in the middle of a paradigm shift, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. As labels are becoming more obsolete, many bands are taking this opportunity to learn how to get things done themselves. Putting out a CD is something that can be done by anyone, but...