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Live From - Sounds From Atlantis

NJ's Own “Sounds from Atlantis” to Perform at Doc Watson's and Crocodile Rock this Month November 11, 2009- Hailing from Westville, NJ, the up and coming indie band Sounds from Atlantis are moving like a freight train that we highly recommend not getting out of the way of. If you haven't...

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S*ALT - Sprinkling The Love All Over The Wonderbar

The Aquarian's, John Pfeiffer did a great piece on our friends over at  Read the full article below and be sure to come out every Tuesday night and check out what they have going on. There are many methods that upstart organizers use for attracting patrons.They use flyers and coupons...

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How to Release a CD without a Record Label: From Start to Finish

The music industry is certainly in the middle of a paradigm shift, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. As labels are becoming more obsolete, many bands are taking this opportunity to learn how to get things done themselves. Putting out a CD is something that can be done by anyone, but...

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Bands From Exotic Lands: Australia, Finland, and Columbus, Ohio - Red Wanting Blue, Travis Caudle, & Rubik

In the course of two weeks, I unintentionally saw 3 of the best bands I've seen all year, and they came a long way to blow my mind. We're pretty spoiled with heaps of talented bands in the Asbury Park area, and we see where the local influences stem from. However,...

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Come Say Hello at the Fest In Gainesville This Weekend.

For immediate release October 29, 2009 For the 8th consecutive year, No Idea Records has put together a phenomenal underground music festival in the downtown of Gainesville, FL. From Halloween Eve throughout the first of November, The Fest will be a host to over 5,000 music fans and 200 bands. Think...