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On The Verge Presents The Matches Performing 'Needs and Wants'

Our friends at On The Verge have posted an exclusive acoustic song from The Matches. Watch them perform "Needs and Wants". In an On the Verge exclusive, the Matches premiere Needs and Wants off their upcoming album. Its so addictive that even our cameraman couldnt stop humming it after he was...

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On The Verge Featuring Dan Keyes of Young Love

On The Verge has a video interview up with Dan Keyes of Young Love. In it, he talks about a number of things including his old band, his influences, and much more. Days before releasing new album, "One of Us," Young Love frontman Dan Keyes sat down with Jordana at Webster...

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River City Extention Acoustic at the Wonderbar

Exclusive to, we're bringing you a few new tunes from Joe Michelini of River City Extention's performance at Shore Alternative's weekly event at the Wonderbar in Asbury Park, NJ.  If you are unfamilar with these guys a strongly urge you to get familiar....

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On The Verge Featuring Matt Lord of Sohodolls

Our friends at On The Verge have posted a video featuring Matt Lord of Sohodolls. For more videos from On The Verge, check out

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July 2009 News & Specials

  Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [July 2009] 626 Mattison Ave. Asbury Park, NJ 07712 | 1-866-471-3868 IndieCards™ Summer Samplers, T-Shirt Specials, and more... What's going on? Summer is finally here and hope y'all have nursed those 4th of July hangovers. As always, we have some great deals for...