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Live From 2009 SXSW Frank Turner Review

2009 SXSW Frank Turner Review By Nina Chiminec Buried amongst the names of over one thousand bands at the South by Southwest Music Conference, it takes something special to make your way onto someone’s schedule three times in two days. With eyes glazed over, I finished going through the entire list...

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Live From Bruce Springsteen - March 24th, 2009 Asbury Park Convention Hall

Typically we've been using our "live from" series to promote up and coming artists but it's no secret that the staff over here at are huge Bruce Springsteen fans. Being situated in Asbury Park, it's also no secret that before any summer tours he typically sets up shop in Convention...

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Bands On A Budget, Ben Franklin, web development and more were all discussed on the latest blog over at - go check out the full article:

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Spec House Download Card

1) Evidence2) Purpose 3) Killu 4) Bonus Track 5) Hater...

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Just a quick thursday afternoon update.  If you're local to Monmouth County, NJ go check out the quick mention of on page 20.  If you're into that sort of thing... ;) That's all now now, be sure to pick up our Austin 2009 sampler at SXSW this weekend in Texas....