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On The Verge featuring The Academy Is

Our friends over at On The Verge have some pretty cool stuff going on. Go check out their recent interview with The Academy Is... In one the the first ever On The Verge interviews, Jordana sits down with William Beckett and Adam Siska of The Academy Is... at Atlantic Records for...

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Strip: Secure Password Tool For IPhone Released

While it may not directly pertain to all y'all bands on a budget, we'd like to plug a great new iPhone app released by our friends over at Strip is a secure Password Manager and Data Vault that protects your sensitive information with 256-bit AES encryption. Store your passwords, financial...

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Grade D But Editble Reviews

Just a quick post memorial-day tidbit - posted a review of our services on their website - check it out or see below... "Technically, night one. We got here late, cuz I hadda drive way long to pick up my awesome new shirts, which I friggin LOVE. In fact if...

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Live From - Ben Franklin

There are many bands looking to make an impact in the local music scene, but it seems as though one band stands out above the rest; that band is Ben Franklin. No, Benjamin Franklin didn't rise from the dead and start a kick ass band, but even if he did, it...

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Many thanks to Drew for whipping up this video short interview for us.  Check it out here: Here's the link to the higher resolution version...