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Collide-A-Scope this Friday in Asbury Park, Holiday Hours

As we approach December's 3rd Friday, tt's that time of the month again for Collide-A-Scope - Asbury Park's own monthly arts and music night. Head on over to for all the info. Also - The Bands On A Budget store will be closed from Monday 12/22 and re-open on Monday...

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5 Tips To Celebrating The Holidays With Your Band a.k.a - Bands on a Budget Presents... The Holiday Blog!

We know that if you’re in a band you’re a pretty cool guy or gal… but when it comes to the holidays we’re all just gitty little kids. You work hard all year, so it’s important to take the time to celebrate, give back, and get your ducks in a row...

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5 Tips For International Touring Bands

While we here at are based out of the United States we, on occasion, work with artists visiting from Canada, Mexico, Europe, and other International points. When visiting you may encounter obstacles such as tariffs, over-zealous border patrol, and space limitations when it comes to merchandise so it's important to...

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  Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [December 2008] 626 Mattison Ave. Asbury Park, NJ 07712 | 732-701-9045 Holiday Specials, Twitter, & Discounted Merch for Referrals Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are officially in the holiday swing down here in Asbury Park. First up - Now...

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Video Interviews From The Battle of the BandChi

Hope the post-turkey/tofurky hangover has passed. Just a quick Tuesday morning update. Go check out a few interviews from bands participating in the 2008 Battle of the BandChi in Baltimore Interview. Just Plain Ridiculous Lifeblood The Three Tree Experience...