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New Blog Posted - 6 Ways For Musicians to Market Their Band

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6 Ways For Musicians to Market Their Band

Its common knowledge that writing great songs and having a great live show is only half the battle when it comes to succeeding as a band. Standing out from the 1000's of others trying to do the same thing as you takes dedication, a lot of hard work, and a strong...

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T-Shirt Round Up – What Type of Shirt Should I Use For My Band Merch?

I remember when I first started playing in bands there were two things that “made you official” and they were a demo CD and a t-shirt. Making the CD was easy, we'd get some beers and spend a few nights recording on a 4-track and then another few nights burning them...

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BandsOnABudget Now On Twitter

Yes - we've jumped on the band wagon and joined twitter - you can follow us at: Join today and be privy to up to the minute updates, exclusive specials, and other tidbits coming to you in 140 characters or less....

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2008 Asbury Music Awards Followup

We had a really great time talking to all of you last Saturday night at the Stone Pony. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at this year's awards ceremony. Here's what the Asbury Park Press had to say about the night: ASBURY PARK — Unbowed in the face of national...