Our Company


BandsonaBudget.com is an online company that prints custom merchandise for all types of businesses and brands, with a large marjority of its customers being up-and-coming musicians. With products varying from shirts to stickers, banners to tour posters, BandsonaBudget.com can help you cover all of your bases in one shot, eliminating the need to deal with a different company for each item you want. Getting your merch is pretty simple too- just fill out your order details, upload your artwork (or if you don’t have any, we can help you with it), we’ll print your merch and ship it to your door. We also have a killer customer support team who will be there for you every step of the way.


The headquarters for BandsonaBudget.com is located at 619 Lake Ave in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The office is on the top floor of the beautifully renovated and always-bumping Lakehouse Music building.


Customer support hours are usually Monday through Thursday from 9am-8pm EST, Fridays from 9-6pm, Saturdays from 10-4, and a few hours here and there on Sundays.

And for a little touch of “Who”, here’s some company background:

A couple of years ago (2006 to be exact) two dudes named Danny and Bret were working in the music scene; one as a small venue owner and one as a concert promoter. Having spent years working with bands and even more years playing in bands, they both became really familiar with the need for a merch company that was really catered toward these up-and-coming musicians. A company that takes the time to walk their customers through the process of ordering merch, helps them get their art ready, gives them one place to order everything they need: that place really didn’t exist. The moment these two guys met, they locked eyes and cried a little, knowing that they would begin a beautiful journey of fulfilling the merch needs of their fellow bands that they’ve really come to understand and love.

Fast forward a few years, throw in a bunch of additional employees, tens of thousands of customers, and a much nicer office than the corner of the garage where it all started, and you have BandsonaBudget.com. What’s so special about this company? I mean, besides the super competitive pricing, sexy website, extensive product roster and ease of ordering? It’s that every band that surfs through the doors gets treated like they are the most important band or business in the world. And it’s not a bunch of baloney either. The folk at BandsonaBudget.com realize that to you, your band or business is your baby, and you want others to give it the time, effort and care that you feel it deserves. We’ve always wanted that for ourselves and we’re happy to be able to be there for other musicians and businesses.

Get ready to head back out into the world feeling giddy.

Have more questions? Give us a ring.

P.S. We love you.