Free Shipping FAQ

Q. Which items on your site qualify for free shipping?

A. offers free shipping on every item on our website, at any quantity.

Q. Are there any minimums?

A. There is not a minimum amount that you need to spend to be eligible for free shipping.

Q. Where can my items be shipped for free?

A. Free shipping applies to shipping addresses anywhere within the US. Customers with an International shipping address are responsible for 100% of the additional shipping costs.

Q. What kind of shipping does this include?

A. All items will be shipped via standard ground service, usually UPS ground.

Q. What if I need to get my items faster?

A. You will have the option to upgrade shipping to a faster turnaround time, however the customer will be responsible for 100% of the additional shipping costs. Please contact the Support Team if you would like a quote on upgraded shipping!

Q. What if I'm ordering something custom that is not on your website? Will shipping be free on that too?

A. While the answer may usually be "yes", the shipping costs on custom items that are not on the website will be determined on on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the product.

Q. How long will it take my package to arrive once it's been shipped?

A. The transit time depends on where we're shipping the package to, and which printing facility it is coming from. The longest transit time would be 5 business days, but in most cases packages arrive between 1-4 business days from the time it is shipped.

Q. Will I receive tracking information?

A. Yes, you will be emailed a tracking number shortly after the package has been shipped. Tracking numbers will usually give you an estimated delivery date. The time of day the package will be delivered depends on your normal neighborhood delivery time.

Q. My tracking information is not showing up! Is something wrong?

A. Tracking information sometimes takes a few hours to register with the shipping facility once the box has been picked up, so if your tracking number is not giving you the desired information, check back in a few hours. If more than a business day has passed, feel free to contact the Support Team with any concerns.