Have A Question? We Can Help

Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


What is the turnaround time for each of your products?

Turnaround time is only an estimate and is not guaranteed. Turnaround times begin at art approval and do not include shipping time.  The first day of production begins the day after your art proofs have been approved.  While turnaround times vary based on product and the specifics of your order, typical turnaround times are as follows:

T-Shirts (Screen Printed): 9-12 business days
Full Color T-Shirts (Direct To Garment )10-12 business Days
Roll Stickers: 5-7 business days
Cut Stickers: 9-12 business Days
Vinyl Banners: 6-8 business days
Print:  7-9 business days
Guitar Picks: 12-17 business days
Pint Glasses:  12-17 business days
Can Coolers: 12-17 business days
CD Packaging: 10-12 business days
Short Run CDs: 7-10 business days (depending on package)
Standard Run CDs: 12-17 business days

If you need to meet a specific deadline, please check with a sales rep to discuss your timeframe.  While we can not always 100% guarantee to get your product in a shorter duration than the standard turnaround times, we will do our best to accommodate your deadline.  Remember, to allow enough time for your order by adding a day or two to the turnaround time before you order!  There is always a chance of unforeseen delays with your artwork or shipping, and it's best to allow a buffer if you're working within a specific timeframe. 

How much does shipping cost for all of your products?

All orders shipped within the continental United States ship for free. Bands on a Budget primarily ships packages via UPS Ground, and a tracking number is sent to you once your order has been shipped. Shipping costs for International orders are determined by the product weight and your exact address. 

All International orders are priced in US dollars and shipped via USPS International. The USPS works in conjunction with local postal services around the world to deliver packages to their final destination. While many packages make it to their final destination without issues, Bandsonabudget.com is not responsible once the package lands in the destination country as we do not have any jurisdiction over international countries and their postal systems. Should any issues arise after the package has landed in the destination country, the recipient is responsible for contacting their local postal service to remedy the situation. The recipient is also responsible for all customs fees, taxes, and brokerage charges. While many orders make it through customswithout issues, the customs agency in your country may require you to pay fees before receiving your package. It is the recipient's responsibility to check with their country's Customs Office to verify any fees as we are unable to provide the recipient with the exact amount of the charges. By completing your order you agree to pay all applicable fees. If your package is seized by Customs Officials for any reason whatsoever, we will not issue you a refund unless all products are returned to us in their original condition. If you refuse or return your order no international shipping charges or fees paid to local government will be refunded. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact your Customs Office, Bandsonabudget.com cannot advise you about your country's customs policies.

Who is BandsonaBudget.com?

What? BandsonaBudget.com we print custom merchandise for all types of businesses and brands, with a large majority of its customers being up-and-coming musicians. With products varying from shirts to stickers, banners to tour posters, BandsonaBudget.com can help you cover all of your bases in one shot, eliminating the need to deal with a different company for each item you want. Getting your merch is pretty simple too- just fill out your order details, upload your artwork (or if you don’t have any, we can help you with it), we’ll print your merch and ship it to your door. We also have a killer customer support team who will be there for you every step of the way.

Where? The headquarters for BandsonaBudget.com is located at 619 Lake Ave in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The office is on the top floor of the beautifully renovated and always-bumping Lakehouse Music building.

When? Customer support hours are Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 9am-8pm, Wednesday 9am-8pm, Thursday 9am-6pm, Fridays from 9-6pm, Saturdays from 10:30-3:30

And for a little touch of “Who”, here’s some company background:

A couple of years ago (2006 to be exact) two dudes named Danny and Bret were working in the music scene; one as a small venue owner and one as a concert promoter. Having spent years working with bands and even more years playing in bands, they both became really familiar with the need for a merch company that was really catered toward these up-and-coming musicians. A company that takes the time to walk their customers through the process of ordering merch, helps them get their art ready, gives them one place to order everything they need: that place really didn’t exist. The moment these two guys met, they locked eyes and cried a little, knowing that they would begin a beautiful journey of fulfilling the merch needs of their fellow bands that they’ve really come to understand and love.

Fast forward a few years, throw in a bunch of additional employees, tens of thousands of customers, and a much nicer office than the corner of the garage where it all started, and you have BandsonaBudget.com. What’s so special about this company? I mean, besides the super competitive pricing, sexy website, extensive product roster and ease of ordering? It’s that every band that surfs through the doors gets treated like they are the most important band or business in the world. And it’s not a bunch of baloney either. The folk at BandsonaBudget.com realize that to you, your band or business is your baby, and you want others to give it the time, effort and care that you feel it deserves. We’ve always wanted that for ourselves and we’re happy to be able to be there for other musicians and businesses.

Get ready to head back out into the world feeling giddy.

Have more questions? Give us a ring.

P.S. We love you.

BandsOnaBudget.com Logo & Branding Kit

Please refer to the BandsOnaBudget.com Logo & Branding kit before using the company logo or branding in any way. In this zip file you'll find the guidelines for using the logo as well as several versions and formats of the logo. 


Can you design artwork for me?

Whether you're looking for help touching up an existing design, or you need something created from scratch, our art department is happy to help!   Design time is billed at $45/hour and we can give you a quote for how much time our designers will need once they get a feel for what you're looking for.

The best way to get started is to submit as much detailed information as possible, including samples and examples to bandsonabudget.com/contact (you'll receive a username and password after you fill out the form, where you can upload files).  From there, the art department can give you an idea of how much time it'll take to create your design. 

If it's not within your budget to pay a designer to create artwork from scratch, there are other options!
1. Pick a cool font to use from the website dafont.com.  This website offers tons of free fonts; once you've picked one out, you can just send us the name of the font, and you're ready to go!
2. If you have a design that is low resolution, we may be able to offer a vector re-trace service for $29.  This service takes your design and converts it to a file type that you can print at ANY size without it getting pixelated.  Once the service is done, we will provide you with the file so you'll have it for anything you'll ever need your logo for.   This service can't be done to all art files, but once we take a look at your art, we'll be able to determine whether or not this service applies to you. 

If you have some questions about whether or not your art is print-ready, please feel free to upload it into your user account, and we'll take a look at it for you.  The art department will always check over your files before printing begins to ensure the best possible quality.  

Sample of Vector retrace service:

How do I convert text to Outlines in Illustrator?

If you're creating your art in Illustrator: GREAT!  We love vector art.  It's easy to size to the proper dimensions of your products, and it guarantees a nice, crisp print job.  There's one very important step you need to take before submitting your vector art to us.  To avoid fonts getting substituted and ensuring that everything looks the way you intend it to, you'll need to convert your text to outlines.  It's REALLY easy; just follow these simple steps!

This is what your text looks like before it gets converted:

Step 1:
Highlight all layers

Step 2: Go to "TYPE" in the menu bar, and click "CREATE OUTLINES"

3. Voila!  Your fonts are outlined.  Now just save A NEW VERSION of your file in any of the following formats: .ai, .eps or .pdf and send it on over.  The reason it's important to not save over the original text version is because you can't make any changes to the text once it's been converted to outlines.  This is what it looks like when your text is converted to outlines instead of a font:


Which Color Mode Should I Use? RGB or CMYK?

Our digitally printed items (Posters, Postcards, IndieCards, Banners, Business Cards) are printed in CMYK color mode.  If you create and submit your art in RGB color mode, there may be an unexpected color shift when your item is printed.  It's best to create your art in CMYK so you know exactly which colors to expect.  Here's how you make sure you're working in the correct color mode:



As always, the Bands on a Budget Art Department will carefully review all files before printing, and will give you a heads up on your proof when we've converted RGB artwork to CMYK.  

How do I set up artwork for my Vinyl Banner?

Our vinyl banners include full color printing.  We print in CMYK color mode, so please be sure to set your artwork to this mode so you don't experience any unexpected color shifts. 

Your banner artwork should be sized at 72dpi at the exact size it's being printed; it does not need extra room for bleed. For example, if you're printing a 6'x2' banner, the Image Size and Resolution should be:
Width: 72"
Height: 24"
Resolution: 72 Pixels/Inch

Acceptable Raster file formats are .psd, .jpg, or .pdf.

If you have Vector art: GREAT!  Please submit it in any of the following formats: .pdf .ai or .eps. 

How do I set up artwork for my screen printed T-shirts?

Unless you're printing Full color, Direct-to-Garment t-shirts that you've gotten custom quoted, the t-shirts you order from BandsonaBudget.com are going to be screen printed.  We use quality plastisol inks that will make your design look professional and last a really really long time.  

Screen printing requires art to be set up in a specific way.  Each color in your design requires its own screen, so your art needs to be prepped accordingly.  Think of each screen as a stencil, where solid ink gets spread over it to print what we call a "spot color".  This is the reason that we can't print different shades of colors, and why each color requires its own screen.  We can however, use a process called halftones which is a series of dots that are printed in one solid ink color, but gives the effect of shading.  

In order to print spot colors, we'll need to have a color separated art file to print from.  If your'e not super comfortable with photoshop or Illustrator, or need help color separating your art file, the BandsonaBudget.com Art Department will always do their best to prep your file for printing.  If you ARE comfortable with design programs that allow you to create a file with layers, it is ideal to send your file over already color-separated. 

This is what a color separated file in Photoshop looks like (note the layers on the right side)

Again, if you're having problems color separating your artwork, our Art Department will do our best to do the separations for you.  

The overall size of the image should be 300dpi (dots or pixels per inch) at the size you want the image to be printed on the shirt.  We can print up to 13" wide or 16" tall, whichever is greater.  If you set your art up in Photoshop, please submit the art as a .PSD and please be sure that you don't flattened the layers if you've color-separated the image.  Other formats that are accepted are .pdf, .ai, .eps, .jpeg or .png.  The important thing is that the resolution and sizing are correct, and that it's a format we're able to open. 

As far as the ink color, we match colors in your design to the closest Coated 3-Digit Pantone color (for example, 625C).  If you have a very specific color you'd like used for the ink, you can send us a swatch or the pantone number.  Please remember that all monitors display color differently, so the proof may not give you a completely accurate gauge of the color.  We do our very best to match the ink colors to your original artwork as closely as possible.

Here's how you can pick a pantone color if using the program Photoshop:

Double click on the color swatch (bottom of tools window) to open the Color Picker window.   To select a pantone color, click "Color Libraries". 

From the PANTONE solid coated library, select whichever 3 digit pantone you'd like to use for the ink color.  You can name the layer the pantone number, or just submit it to the Bands on a Budget Support Team when placing your order.

The Front Bottoms Hot Chocolate Tour 2014

The Front Bottoms - Hot Chocolate Tour 2014 - Admat

Download Admat With You Blew It

Download Admat With You Blew It and The Wild

Each download includes a color version as well as black and white version. If you have any questions or need help with the art files please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone listed to the right.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

How can I get an endorsement or sponsorship?

Are you a road warrior looking for sponsors? We’d love to consider you for a product endorsement, where you’ll get to show off some fancy swag while being an ambassador to our brand. Send us an email to team@bandsonabudget.com letting us know why we should endorse your band, what tour dates you have lined up, and any other compelling information that would want us to have your band rockin’ our support.

Have an awesome event or music festival coming up? We look for creative and strategic ways to promote our brand and reach new audiences. If you have sponsorship opportunities available we’d love to hear about them. Send us an email with details on your event or festival, and the best way we can reach you. Our marketing team will get back to you soon!<

Check out some of our past and current endorsed bands!

Screaming for Silence

Radio DriveBy

Melissa Cox

American Pinup

Lost In Society

Harrison Promotions

Keith Kenny

Reverse Order

Young London

Some companies/events/festivals we sponsor:

The Fest

Nelarusky Fest

Altercation Records

Occupy Airwaves

Musicians on a Mission

The Apple Stomp

Tri State Indie Music Awards

Asbury Underground

AP Vibe

Poets for Change


MOVE Music Festival

Artwork Templates

Dynamic Plus IndieCard Artwork Template (Plastic)

Below you will find links to access the Dynamic Plus IndieCard template for Adobe Illustrator.  If you are unable to use our templates for any reason, please be sure to size your artwork at 300dpi, saved as a .psd, .pdf, .ai, or .eps and upload it into your user account.  It's important that you allow for a bleed area so nothing gets cut off (keep all text away from the outer 1/8" around the edge).  Please use this screenshot for reference only; links below are the proper .ai templates to be used. 


How Long Does It Take To Print and Deliver My Shirts

PRODUCTION TIME Our standard T-Shirt production time is 9-12 Business Days. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIME Production time does not include shipping time, we make every effort deliver orders within 12 business days or less. Most US addresses require 3-4 business days for shipping. Some addresses can require up to 4 businesses days in transit, however this is rare. PROOFING IS INCLUDED IN PRODUCTION TIME Proofs are usually sent within 24 hours of your order being paid for. We ask that you you approve your proofs within 24 hours of receiving the proof. The time used for proof creating and review is budgeted into our production time, and will not delay your order . If additional proofs or changes are requested, production time may be delayed. DEADLINES If a deadline is requested less than 12 business days form the production start day, we will do our best to deliver your order by the requested deadline, however deadlines less than 12 business days are not guaranteed. Please reach out to the bandsonabudget.com team if have any questions about adding a deadline to a order.

How many colors are in my t-shirt design?

When screen printing artwork on custom t-shirts, please keep in mind that each color in your design will require its own screen.  The more screens your design requires, the higher the price per shirt.  Additionally, there is a $25 screen set up charge applied to each color in your design.  In other words, to keep your cost down, you'll want to print as few colors as possible. 

To determine how many colors are in your custom printed t-shirts' design, simply count each shade/color that you see in your design.  Some shading/gradients can be printed with 1 ink color using a process called halftones, which converts this portion of your design to small dots or lines to give an effect of shading. Once your artwork has been uploaded, our art department will be able to tell you whether or not your design can be printed using halftones.

If your design requires more than 5-6 screens, we will recommend using a full color printing process rather than screen printing.  A custom quote can be provided for this option once your artwork and order details have been reviewed.

What does "number of imprint locations" mean?

When printing your custom band t-shirt, we know it is tempting to go a little crazy! Luckily, we are able to print on a variety of locations on our apparel options. The number of imprint locations simply means how many different places we will be using a screen to print artwork on your shirt.  This includes the front of the shirt, back, sleeve, hood, etc.  

For example, if you're printing a custom band t-shirt with a design on the front and back of a shirt, that counts as 2 imprint locations.  If you want to print on the front only, that counts as 1 imprint location.  To print on the hood of a sweatshirt, the front, back, and sleeve, would be 4 imprint locations. 

The maximum screen size we offer is 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall. 

What type of t-shirts should I order?

There are many Garment Types and Styles available on our Instant Quote Generator, so how do you know which one is right for your band?  Here are a few things to consider when ordering a custom band t-shirt...

What is your budget?
- Printing on standard 100% Cotton T-shirts is typically less expensive than printing on fashion fit or other specialty t-shirt styles.  Consider how much money you have to spend, and also how much you're comfortable selling the shirts to your fans for.   Thanks to it's low price point and extensive color selection, the most popular, "standard" band shirt is the Gildan 5000 100% Cotton T-shirt.  

Are you looking for standard shirts or a specific style?
- Consider the style you want your custom band t-shirt to be.  Do you want a loosely fitted standard shirt?  A v-neck?  Tank top?  A shirt with a more fitted style to it?  If you're looking for a Fashion Fit shirt, we highly recommend the Canvas 3001C shirt.  With a feel comparable to American Apparel, this soft and fitted shirt will most likely still fit within your budget. 

Do you want men's shirts or women's shirts? 
- While unisex or men's shirts are always a safe bet for a custom band t-shirt, many bands do opt to print shirts specifically for ladies.  American Apparel, known for their high quality garments and popular branding, is available in both men's AND women's shirts.  Some alternatives to American Apparel include the soft, fashion fit Bella 6000 t-shirt, the Anvil 815 tank top, and the Bella 1011 spaghetti strap shirt.  V-necks are also available in women's cut, including the ultra affordable Tultex 0214TC.  

All fans are different, so to get a feel for which styles and sizes would sell best, ask around your merch table for some input before placing your next t-shirt order!  

How can I get the most custom made t-shirts for my money?

We know that band t-shirt designs can get a little crazy, and sometimes that amounts to a pricier product. There are several factors that affect the price of your merchandise.  Here are a few tips for getting the greatest amount of t-shirts for your money.

1. Order your custom made t-shirts in bulk
Have you ever wondered how prices are calculated for ordering shirts? The cost per shirt depends not on how many shirts you order, but how many pieces you're printing of each band t-shirt design. If your band needs 100 shirts and sends us 4 designs, you're paying the max price (for 25 shirts each) instead of getting a price break for ordering 100 shirts. To get the most merch for your money, we recommend ordering in bulk, one design at a time. The higher the quantity per design, the lower the price per unit. The price breaks are at 24, 48, 84, 144, 288.... Don't worry about having too many of the same shirt; you can print the same design on different products and still get the price break. Mix and match sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, in all different colors and sizes (there is no additional cost to mix and match the garment color, however ink colors require a screen wash, which is $9 per color switch).
One side note: bulk ordering doesn't apply only to apparel. You'll notice that getting twice as many stickers, postcards, postcards, etc. never equals twice the price. In many cases with printing, the expense is in setting up all the equipment to print your order, so ordering a higher quantity won't cost you too much more.  We know sometimes it's harder to get more money upfront, but you'll certainly get more merch for your money if you're able to place one large order instead of several small ones.
2. Print your t-shirt designs on white shirts
As a general rule, white shirts are always cheaper than any other color. If you're set on a band t-shirt design with lots of ink colors, or several locations, you can keep the cost per shirt down by ordering white shirts. Why is this? For one reason, the shirts themselves are just cheaper. The second reason has to do with printing. When a light color ink is printed on a colorful shirt, it needs a flash, which is a base layer of ink to be able to see the lighter color ink. This process takes longer and involves more labor and equipment, justifying a higher price.
3. Use fewer ink colors
When designing t-shirts for your band, it is is easy to get hooked on a design concept with lots of colors! However awesome it may look, this can also lead to some pretty expensive merch, but it doesn't have to. The first tip is to make sure you utilize the color of the shirt itself (the same is true for the white vinyl background of a sticker). When screen printing a band t-shirt design, consider the color of the shirt or vinyl as an ink color in itself and save on one color. Secondly, if you have shading in your design, you can often convert it to half tones, which are little dots or lines that vary in size to create an image. The best part of this is that you can print a pretty intricate design with shading in only one color! Consider these shortcuts before printing a full color design!
4. Print in less locations by utilizing your screens
Another factor that heavily influences the cost per shirt is the number of print locations in your design. We understand that sometimes you can't avoid a 2 or 3 location shirt, but sometimes you can! The size of a screen is 14x18. What does this mean? Depending on your design, you may be able to print in 2 locations with the same screen, resulting in much lower prices. For example, you want to put your band logo and website on a shirt, but not next to each other. Try putting the logo on the top of the shirt, with the website at the bottom corner. Or try doing a design that wraps around the side of the shirt. You have 13" x 16" worth of space to print for each location, so be sure to use it!
5. Order your merch in packages
Choose from one of our pre-designed packages or create your own. A general rule of thumb for placing merch orders is: the more you buy upfront, the less you pay for each item. As a band, brand, or business, we know how important it is to get your name out there, so we've created pre-made packages covering everything from t-shirts to stickers, IndieCards to banners, and more. The packages are created specifically for those just starting up, those who've been around for a while, and those who need lots of merch (great for touring). Alternatively, you can create your own packages and ask your sales rep about bulk order discounts!
6. Have your artwork print-ready
One aspect of ordering merch that often holds up the order and adds additional expenses, is artwork. Print-ready artwork has a resolution of 300dpi in photoshop (.psd) or illustrator (.ai) format. When artwork is sent to us that's not print-ready, our designer has to recreate the art, leading to extra charges and more time before the order is complete. Make sure if you have a multi-color design that it's color separated and the layers are not flattened. Here is some additional information for preparing your artwork:
7. Ask about sales/specials
Whether you get an extra 10% off all stickers, or a great deal on a new super soft t-shirt we carry, you'll always save big with our monthly specials. Every month we create a new special to give bands a chance to try new products at a great price. These specials are announced in our monthly newsletter, as well as on our Social Media! Not on our mailing list? Contact us to sign up, Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bandsonabudget, or Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bandsonabudget
8. Re-order the same design
With certain products such as t-shirts, it'll cost you less money the second time around. Remember the first time you ordered t-shirts and you had to pay screen charges for every color and location? Well, never again (for that design at least). We keep your old screens, so anytime you want to re-order a specific design, you''ll only be charged for the shirts and printing, no set up/screen charges.
9. Don't wait til the last minute to order
Believe it or not, waiting until the last minute to order merch can be a costly gamble!  If you know you need your merch by a certain day, get in touch with us at least 2 weeks prior.  This way, we can make sure your artwork looks the best it possibly can and that the finished product is everything you want and more.  When doing a rush order, you may need to pay rush fees or ship the order overnight, which can cost significantly more than standard shipping. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary charges!

How should I set up my t-shirt artwork?

Please set up your artwork at 300dpi at the size you'd like to print your design across the garment with colors separated.  Preferred formats are .psd, .ai, .eps and high resolution .pdf.  

Be sure to note how wide you would like to print your artwork across your garment.  You will be receive a proof for approval before we begin printing, so that you may check the sizing and placement of your artwork on a mock up shirt. 

What are the price breaks for custom printed t-shirts?

Like many of our products, the cost per custom printed shirt decreases with larger quantity orders. Price breaks come at the following quantities:


Want to order over 500 pieces? A sales rep will be happy to discuss discounted rates. 

What is the maximum print size on a t-shirt?

The maximum screen size for t-shirts is 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall.  Oversized screens are available for custom quotes. 

What can I use custom made t-shirts for?

Custom made t-shirts are a great source of promotion for your band, brand or business.  You can use custom t-shirts to sell to fans at shows, or hand out for promotional use. You can also bundle other merchandise items (such as IndieCards and guitar picks) with your band t-shirt to give them added value! 

Are there any set up charges for t-shirts?

There is a $25 screen set up charge applied per color, per location for t-shirt orders.   For example, if you're printing 2 colors on the front of your shirt, and 1 color on the back, there will be 3 screen set up charges (totaling $75).   When using the instant quote generator on the t-shirt page,  the quote includes the screen set up charges.  We keep all screen films on file, so if you ever need to do an exact re-order (same print size with no changes to the design), you will NOT be charged the screen charge ever again. 


I want to print my design on a few different shirt colors. Can I mix and match colors?

As long as the design is exactly the same, you can mix and match garment colors without it affecting the price.  However, if you use a different INK color, there is a $9 screen wash charge for each time the ink color changes.  

For example, you can order 12 black shirts, 8 navy shirts, and 4 purple shirts, all with white ink, and the price would be the same as if you ordered 24 black shirts (there is no additional fee). 

However, If you were to order 12 black shirts and 8 navy shirts with white ink, plus 4 purple shirts with green ink, there would be a $9 fee added onto the order for a screen wash (resulting only from the change in ink color).


What sizes are available for postcards?

The standard sizes that we have available on our website are:
4x6 postcards
4.25x5.5 postcards
4x9 postcards
5x7 postcards
4x3 postcards

However, if you are looking for a specific size that you don't see, please request a custom quote.

We also offer EDDM sizing beginning at 6.5″ × 9."  For a custom quote, send your specs to a sales rep. 

What sizes are available for custom print posters?

Standard custom print poster sizes available on BandsonaBudget.com include:

However, if you're looking for a specific size, please send your specs to a sales rep. 

What type of paper and finish are available for print products?

Postcards include full color, double sided printing on 16pt cardstock. The following finishes are available for postcards:
Glossy UV (this is a shiny finish that can NOT be written on)
Matte (this is a flat, very subtle finish that CAN be written on with most writing instruments)
Uncoated (this has no finish at all and CAN be written on)
Glossy UV/Uncoated (the front of the postcard has a shiny finish that can NOT be written on, and the matte has a flat, subtle finish that CAN be written on). 

Posters come standard with full color printing on one side, and are available on 100# Gloss Text Paper. This paper is thicker than printer paper and has a subtle shine to it (standard tour and band merch poster material).

If you're looking for a specific paper type or finish, please send the specs to a sales rep. 

I don't see the poster/postcard size I'm looking for. Can I order custom print products?

The print products listed on our site are the most popular "standard" sizes and paper type. We are also able to accommodate a variety of other print product options if you don't see what you're looking for.  If you know the specific print size, material, and/or finish, we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote.  Please send your specs to a sales rep for a custom quote. 


What is the turnaround time on print products?

Turnaround time begins the day after art approval and does not include shipping time.  

Standard turn-around time for most print products is 5-9 business days, depending on the product. 

Please let us know ahead of time if your order requires a specific deadline, and we will do our best to work within your time frame. 

How do I set up my artwork for print products?

All of our print products include full color printing.  

Please be sure to size your artwork to be 300dpi at the size it's being printed with a 1/8" bleed area around the edge (in other words, keep all text away from the edge!), so nothing gets cut off.  Please send artwork as one of the following formats: .eps, .ai, .pdf, .psd, or if none of those are available, we can accept a .jpeg or .png if the resolution is high enough. 

Please go to the individual product page to download templates.  If you aren't familiar with using templates or have any questions, our Art Department can do it for you or answer any questions you may have along the way. 



What can I use banners for?

Banners are one of the most effective promotion and marketing tools out there. Banners can be used as a backdrop on stage, letting the audience and potential fans know who you are!  Banners are also often used behind the merch table, at outdoor festivals, or wherever you have the opportunity to hang it!

Not in a band?  Banners are also great for grand openings, tradeshows, and other events!  

What type of vinyl do you print banners on?

All of our full color vinyl banners are printed on a durable 13oz vinyl which is suitable for outdoor use and will last for years.  

Do banners include full color printing?

Vinyl banners are printed digitally and include full color printing on one side of 13oz outdoor vinyl.  That means that you can print any artwork (as long as it's the proper resolution), such as photographs, logos, etc.  Please size your art to be 72dpi at the size it's being printed, submitted as a .psd, .eps, .ai, or a high res .pdf.  

Banners include hems around all 4 edges and grommets in the corners to allow for easy hanging (for larger banners there may be additional grommets every 2 feet).

What is the turnaround time for banners?

The turnaround time for banners is 6-8 business days.  Turnaround times start the first business day following proof approval and do not include shipping time.  If you have a sensitive deadline, please make us aware of it early on so we can provide you with expedited printing and shipping options. 

How do I set up my artwork for a banner?

Our vinyl banners include full color printing.  Please submit your artwork at 72dpi at the size banner you'd like to print and submit it as a .psd, .ai, .eps, .jpg, or .pdf file.  For example, if you are ordering a 5 x 3 banner your artwork should be sized at 60 inches x 36 inches at a resolution of 72 dpi.   We print in CMYK color mode, so please be sure to set your artwork to this mode so you don't experience any unexpected color shifts. 

Please also be sure to keep all text away from the outer 3" to avoid getting cut off during the hemming process. 

What sizes are available for banners?

There are a number of popular sizes listed on the banner page of BandsonaBudget.com, however we can print any custom size within 6" increments.  The pricing is $5.50/sq ft.  

How can I hang my banner?

Our full color vinyl banners come with grommets (holes outlined by silver rings) for easy hanging.  The grommets are placed in all 4 corners of the banner, but for larger banners, we can provide grommets every 2 feet, to ensure that your banner doesn't sag.  

You can either use string/rope, nails, or thumbtacks to hang your banner on stage, behind your merch table, or anywhere else you see fit! 

Below is a banner that has the grommets in 4 corners, plus additional grommets every two feet along the top and bottom.  It was hung from the top using thumb tacks.

How much do banners cost?

Banners cost $5.50/square foot.  Standard sizes with pricing are listed on the Vinyl Banners product page on BandsonaBudget.com.  To calculate pricing for a custom size, which is $5.50/square foot, simply multiple the length x width, then multiply your result by 5.50.  For example:
10' x 3' banner
10x3= 30 square feet
30sq ft x $5.50/sq ft = $165

If you are looking to print multiple or very large banners, please contact your sales rep for a discounted rate per square foot. 

Guitar Picks

What are the color and gauge options for guitar picks?

The color of the "Delrin color picks" are determined by the gauge:
Red (.50mm), Orange (.60mm), Yellow (0.73mm), Green (0.88mm), Blue (1.00mm), Purple (1.14mm)

Guitar picks also come in a variety of gauges available in white and pink:
Pink (.50mm, .80mm, and 1.00mm)
White (0.80mm, 1.00mm, 1.26mm)

How many colors can I print on guitar picks?

Only black ink can be printed on color picks, on either 1 or both sides.

A full color imprint (more than 1 color) may be printed on white picks only, on either 1 or both sides.


What is the turnaround time on guitar picks?

Turnaround time begins the day after proof approval and does not include shipping time.  Standard turnaround time is 12-17 business days plus shipping. If you have a sensitive deadline, please let us know with plenty of notice so we can provide you with expedited shipping options. 

How do I set up my artwork for guitar picks?

Artwork should be sized to 1" x 1". We highly recommend submitting ai. or eps. files. If you only have a .jpeg, .pdf, etc. we may be able to print from it due to the small size of the imprint.   We will always check your art before printing to make sure it will print at the best possible quality.

Keep in mind we can only print black ink on color picks, and if you have more than 1 color in your design you will need to print on a white pick as this constitutes a full color imprint. 

Please use this template to place your artwork in the desired position.

Why are black guitar picks not listed on your website?

While white, pink, and color guitar picks take 10-15 business days to print, black guitar picks take 4-6 WEEKS to produce.  If turnaround time is not an issue and you would like to order black picks despite their extensive production time, you are welcome to order black picks, with a 1 color imprint on either 1 or both sides.  Pricing for black picks is the same as 1 color white, pink or color picks available here: https://bandsonabudget.com/products/90-custom-guitar-picks

Do you sell blank guitar picks?

Only customized guitar picks may be ordered from BandsonaBudget.com; we do NOT offer blank guitar picks.  Aren't customized guitar picks so much cooler anyway?

Can I print on both sides of my guitar picks?

Yes, you can print on either one or both sides of your custom guitar pick.  The prices for both of these options are listed side by side on the guitar pick page: https://bandsonabudget.com/products/90-custom-guitar-picks

What quantities are available for guitar picks?

We have the following quantities available for our guitar picks: 100, 200, 400, 600, 1000. The artwork must be the same on all picks within an order, as well as the pick color/gauge. If you are looking to order more than 1000 picks, please contact a sales rep for a custom quote.

Pint Glasses

What is the turnaround time on pint glasses?

Turnaround time begins the day after proof approval and does not include shipping time.  Standard turnaround time on pint glasses is 12-17 business days. 

What imprint location options are available for pint glasses?

You may either print on 1 or both sides of pint glasses (the price is the same).  The imprint area is 2.5" by 2.5". 

How do I set up my artwork for pint glasses?

Pint glasses include a 1 color imprint on either 1 side or both sides (for the same price).  The imprint area is 2.5" wide by 2.5" tall.  

For this particular item, vector artwork is required (.eps, .ai and some .PDFs).  If you do not have a vector version of your artwork, the BandsOnaBudget.com Art Department is often able to do a vector retrace of your art free of charge.  In cases where we are unable to create an accurate retrace ourselves, we can provide you with inexpensive options for getting your artwork converted to vector. 

What quantities are available for pint glass orders?

The quantities we have available for pint glass orders is: 36, 72, 144, & 288. If you would like a higher quantity please contact a sales rep and we'd be happy to provide you with a quote.

How many colors can I print on my pint glasses?

You may print 1 or 2 ink colors on pint glasses.  The imprint can be on either 1 side or both, for the same price. Below are the standard ink colors we can print.

Can Coolers

What is the turnaround time on can coolers?

Turnaround time begins the day after proof approval and does not include shipping. Standard turnaround time is 12-17 business days. 


What are the can cooler color options?

Can coolers are available in the following colors, and unfortunately may NOT be mixed within the same order: Burgundy, Purple, Black, Navy, Kelly Green, Red, Spruce, Camouflage, Royal, Lime, Burnt Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Gray, Yellow, Dark Brown, Khaki

If you choose a dark color can cooler to print on, you'll want to use a puff imprint instead of flat ink. The puff ink colors available are: white puff, yellow puff, med. green puff, lt. purple puff, med. blue puff, khaki puff, neon green puff, orange puff, neon pink puff, med. brown puff.

If you are printing on a light color can cooler, you can choose either puff or flat ink. The flat ink colors include: black flat, red flat, navy flat, dark brown flat, shimmer gold flat, shimmer silver flat.

You can also view some examples of our can coolers on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/bandsonabudget/bandsonabudgetcom-can-coolers/

What ink color can I print on my can coolers?

If you choose a dark color can cooler to print on, you'll want to use a puff imprint instead of flat ink. The puff ink colors available are: white puff, yellow puff, medium green puff, light purple puff, medium blue puff, khaki puff, neon green puff, orange puff, neon pink puff, medium brown puff.

If you are printing on a light color can cooler, you can choose either puff or flat ink. The flat ink colors include: black flat, red flat, navy flat, dark brown flat, shimmer gold flat, shimmer silver flat.

For some examples, check out our Pinterest board:

What are the imprint location options for can coolers?

The price of can coolers includes a 1 color imprint on either 1 side or both sides.  The imprint location does not effect the price. 

For some examples of our can coolers, you can check out our Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/bandsonabudget/bandsonabudgetcom-can-coolers

How do I set up my can cooler artwork?

Can Coolers include a 1 color imprint on either 1 side or both sides (for the same price).  The imprint area is 3.5" wide by 3.5" tall.  

For this particular item, vector artwork is required (.eps, .ai and some .PDFs).  If you do not have a vector version of your artwork, the BandsOnaBudget.com Art Department is often able to do a vector retrace of your art free of charge.  In cases where we are unable to create an accurate retrace ourselves, we can provide you with inexpensive options for getting your artwork converted to vector. 


What's the difference between a sticker roll and cut vinyl stickers?

There are two ways you can order stickers: on a roll or cut vinyl. 

Roll stickers come on a perforated roll so that they're convenient to store and easy to tear, while cut vinyl stickers are printed with individual backing and are sent in a stack. A sticker roll stickers are generally more cost effective, but cut stickers tend to offer more color options. You can check out some examples of both on our Pinterest page: 


How many ink colors are in my sticker design?

Up to 3 colors can be screenprinted on vinyl stickers.  When screen printing artwork on stickers, please keep in mind that each color in your design will require its own screen.  The more screens your design requires, the higher the price will be.  In other words, to keep your cost down, you'll want to print as few colors as possible. 

To determine how many colors are in your design, simply count each shade/color that you see in your design.  We print on white vinyl, so you do not need to count white as an ink color, so, if your artwork is black and white, you will only need to print 1 ink color. 

Some shading/gradients can be printed with 1 ink color using a process called halftones, which converts this portion of your design to small dots or lines to give an effect of shading.  If the shading requires a fine halftone screen, an additional $50 charge will be applied each time you re-order the same sticker design. 

There is a color chart for cut vinyl stickers and roll stickers that shows all standard sticker color options.  If you need an exact color match, the PMS match charge is $50 per color, and gets applied each time you do a sticker re-order. 

If your design requires more than 3 colors, you will have to use a full color digital process.  A custom quote can be provided for this option once your artwork and order details have been reviewed.    

How do I set up my artwork for my custom sticker rolls?

For best results, custom sticker rolls' artwork should be sent as vector (ai, eps and some PDFs), or as a 300dpi layered PSD. Colors should be separated and sent on separate layers.  Please place artwork into the appropriate template before sending it over, but be sure not to flatten your artwork to the template.  

We understand that not all bands are also graphic designers, and that the above may sound like total gibberish.  Don't panic though!  If you have a JPEG, PNG, or piece of paper scanned into your computer, just send it over whatever you have and someone from our Art Department will be able to give you easy-to-understand feedback, and in a lot of cases, fix the art up for you.  It's also no big deal for us to put the art into the template for you.  Just send us what you've got, and as always- we won't print anything until your art is totally ready for high quality printing. 

What color vinyl do you print stickers on?

We print both roll and cut stickers on white vinyl.  Therefore, if there is white in your design, it will not count as an ink color. 

In some cases, yellow vinyl may be available for roll stickers, and clear vinyl may be available for cut stickers. 

What is the turnaround time for sticker printing?

Turnaround time begins the day after art approval and does not include shipping.  
Standard turnaround time:
5-7 business days for Roll Stickers
9-12 business days for Cut Stickers

What size option are there for a custom roll of stickers?

For a custom roll of stickers, there are 4 different size/price tiers. For custom cut stickers, there are 3 different size/price tiers. 

Roll sticker size options:

Tier 1:  1"x1" Square, 1" Circle, 1"x3" Rectangle, 1.5"x3" Rectangle, 2"x2" Square, 2" Circle, 1.25"x3.5" Rectangle, 1.25"x3.5 Rectangle

Tier 2: 2"x3" Rectangle, 2.25"x3" Rectangle, 2.5"x2.5" Square, 2.5" Circle, 1.5"x3" Oval, 2"x3" Oval

Tier 3:  2"x4" Rectangle, 2"x4" Oval, 3"x4" Rectangle, 3"x4" Oval, 3"x3" Square, 3" Circle, 3.5" Circle, 4"x4" Square, 4"x4" Circle, 3"x5" Rectangle

Tier 4:  2"x6" Rectangle, 4"x5" Rectangle, 4"x6" Rectangle

Cut vinyl sticker size options:

Tier 1:  2"x2" Square, 2"x2" Circle, 2.5"x2.5" Square, 2.5"x2.5" Circle, 2"x4" Rectangle, 3"x3" Square, 3"x3" Circle

Tier 2: 3.5"x3.5" Square, 3.5"x3.5" Circle, 5"x3" Rectangle, 4"x4" Square, 4"x4" Circle, 4"x3" Rectangle

Tier 3: 8"x3" Rectangle, 6"x4" Rectangle, 5"x4" Rectangle, 8"x4" Rectangle

What are the standard ink color options for stickers?

The standard colors available for roll stickers can be found on this chart: http://bit.ly/qjM4hr.
The standard colors available for cut stickers can be found on this chart: http://bit.ly/17QcJtp

​If you need an exact PMS match, a $50 fee will be applied.

What if the ink color I want isn't a standard sticker ink color?

No problem! Exact PMS matches can be added to your order for an additional $50 per color.  This fee is applied to re-orders as well. 

My sticker design has a lot of colors. Do you offer full color printing for stickers?

While our standard cut vinyl and roll stickers feature screen printed stickers, we DO offer full color, digital printing for stickers.  Pricing is based on the size sticker and the quantity.  Please be aware that full color printing is only available on cut vinyl (not on a roll).   

At this time full color stickers are custom quoted, but will be made available on the website soon.  Please contact a sales rep in the meantime for custom quoting.

On a budget?  Here's a tip:  In the interest of keeping cost down, you may want to consider keeping your sticker artwork to a maximum of 3 colors, which can be screen printed on a roll.  

I want a custom-shaped sticker. Do you print die-cut stickers?

If you're looking to print a sticker shape aside from a square, rectangle, oval, or circle, you're probably looking for a die-cut sticker.  This product requires a custom quote, which is priced based on the size and number of ink colors.  The set up fee to create a die is $143 (this fee is in addition to the sticker price).  

Some sample pricing:
6-10 square inches (2x3, 2x4, 2x5, etc)
1 ink color on white vinyl
QTY: 500  $262.50
QTY 1,000 $307
QTY 2,500 $372.50

To get a custom quote, please contact a sales rep with your specs (size and number of ink colors).  If you have artwork available, please upload it into your user account to help ensure an accurate quote. 

For die cut sticker examples, check out our Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bandsonabudget/die-cut-stickers/


Where do I send my CD master?

At your earliest convenience, please send your Master CD to:

Attn: Szymon Kaniowski
2529 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Please be sure to include your name and order number on the package and CD face. Your master should be an audio CD, meaning the master you send us should play in a standard CD Player.   .WAV .MP3 .MP4 and other types of files are NOT acceptable formats for your master. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

What is the turnaround time on CDs?

Turnaround time begins after proof approval and does not include shipping time. Turnaround for CDs also depends on our receipt of your physical master.

Short run CDs: 7-10 business days (depending on package type).
Standard Run CDs: 12-17 business days.


How do I set up my artwork for CDs?

Artwork MUST be submitted in the proper template; there is a different template for each CD package.  Please ask your sales rep to provide you with the appropriate templates once you've decided on your package type. You can also download templates here if you know which is the proper one to use (scroll to the bottom): http://support.bandsonabudget.com/customer/portal/articles/941863

Please note: Due to the complexity of laying out CD templates we cannot make any changes to copy, images, or any other aspect of your art. We can however put you in touch with a designer who will work with you to accommodate these changes.


Where do I find IPR forms?

In order to manufacture your CDs, we must first collect Intellectual Property Release Forms.  Please submit the following 2 forms along with your CD master:
https://s3.amazonaws.com/merchwerks_prod/bandsonabudget.com/artworks/37/original/IPRform%20R.pdf  1/2
https://s3.amazonaws.com/merchwerks_prod/bandsonabudget.com/artworks/36/original/IPRform2%20R.pdf  2/2

What are the Short Run CD Options available?

We sell the discs and packaging separately in order to provide a quick and inexpensive option for CD printing.  

---------------Pricing for CD Discs --------------------

CDs on a spindle (Full Color Printed Disc, Duplicated) 
100 $126
200 $198
300 $289
Production Time 5 Business Days from art approval plus shipping.   
CDs will be sent separate from packaging

--------------Pricing for CD Packages-------------------

Choose from one of the following short run CD package options: 

5" Full Color Cardboard Sleeve (2 Panel)
100 $149
200 $199
300 $217
Production Time 5-7 Business Days
Pricing does not include CD Disc (purchase separately)

5" Full Color Folding Cardboard Jacket (4 Panel)
1 Pocket
100 $281
200 $393
300 $425
Production 5-7 Business Days
Pricing does not include CD Disc (purchase separately)

4 Panel Digi Pak With Clear Tray
100 $358.00
200 $567.00
300 $584.00
Production Time 5-7 Business Days
Pricing does not include CD Disc (purchase separately)

If you have artwork ready, please upload it into your user account at this time.  Templates for the CD Face and all of the packaging items are attached. 

Tote Bags

What type of Tote Bags do you offer?

Our Full Color Tote Bags are a sturdy 100% cotton Tote Bag that's eco-friendly and useful for anything from grocery shopping to hitting the gym. The 6-oz cotton canvas material is washable and reusable. Dual self-fabric straps offer convenient over-the-shoulder carry, leaving hands free for shopping applications.

Our One Color Tote Bags are a 100% cotton canvas bag. These also have self-fabric handles.

What size are the Tote Bags?

Product size: 14.5"W x 16"H x 1"
Printable area: 9"W x 13"H - both sides.

What process do you use to print on the bags?

Our Full Color Tote Bags are printed by a CMYK+W digital print process. We do not require a screen fee for Full Color bags.

Our One Color Tote Bags are screen printed, just like our T-Shirts! We do require a screen fee for the One Color bags.

Do I need to set-up my artwork file differently for various colors?

No. For all Full Color Tote Bags; the background color of your artwork must be transparent if you want the color of the bag to show. Saving a transparent PDF or TIF file is the best way to do this. You can also send in EPS files with no background.

For One Color Tote Bags, you can upload artwork the way you would normally upload art for any other apparel item.