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Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


Can you design artwork for me?

Whether you're looking for help touching up an existing design, or you need something created from scratch, our art department is happy to help!   Design time is billed at $45/hour and we can give you a quote for how much time our designers will need once they get a feel for what you're looking for.

The best way to get started is to submit as much detailed information as possible, including samples and examples to (you'll receive a username and password after you fill out the form, where you can upload files).  From there, the art department can give you an idea of how much time it'll take to create your design. 

If it's not within your budget to pay a designer to create artwork from scratch, there are other options!
1. Pick a cool font to use from the website  This website offers tons of free fonts; once you've picked one out, you can just send us the name of the font, and you're ready to go!
2. If you have a design that is low resolution, we may be able to offer a vector re-trace service for $29.  This service takes your design and converts it to a file type that you can print at ANY size without it getting pixelated.  Once the service is done, we will provide you with the file so you'll have it for anything you'll ever need your logo for.   This service can't be done to all art files, but once we take a look at your art, we'll be able to determine whether or not this service applies to you. 

If you have some questions about whether or not your art is print-ready, please feel free to upload it into your user account, and we'll take a look at it for you.  The art department will always check over your files before printing begins to ensure the best possible quality.  

Sample of Vector retrace service:

How do I convert text to Outlines in Illustrator?

If you're creating your art in Illustrator: GREAT!  We love vector art.  It's easy to size to the proper dimensions of your products, and it guarantees a nice, crisp print job.  There's one very important step you need to take before submitting your vector art to us.  To avoid fonts getting substituted and ensuring that everything looks the way you intend it to, you'll need to convert your text to outlines.  It's REALLY easy; just follow these simple steps!

This is what your text looks like before it gets converted:

Step 1:
Highlight all layers

Step 2: Go to "TYPE" in the menu bar, and click "CREATE OUTLINES"

3. Voila!  Your fonts are outlined.  Now just save A NEW VERSION of your file in any of the following formats: .ai, .eps or .pdf and send it on over.  The reason it's important to not save over the original text version is because you can't make any changes to the text once it's been converted to outlines.  This is what it looks like when your text is converted to outlines instead of a font:


Which Color Mode Should I Use? RGB or CMYK?

Our digitally printed items (Posters, Postcards, IndieCards, Banners, Business Cards) are printed in CMYK color mode.  If you create and submit your art in RGB color mode, there may be an unexpected color shift when your item is printed.  It's best to create your art in CMYK so you know exactly which colors to expect.  Here's how you make sure you're working in the correct color mode:



As always, the Bands on a Budget Art Department will carefully review all files before printing, and will give you a heads up on your proof when we've converted RGB artwork to CMYK.  

How do I set up artwork for my Vinyl Banner?

Our vinyl banners include full color printing.  We print in CMYK color mode, so please be sure to set your artwork to this mode so you don't experience any unexpected color shifts. 

Your banner artwork should be sized at 72dpi at the exact size it's being printed; it does not need extra room for bleed. For example, if you're printing a 6'x2' banner, the Image Size and Resolution should be:
Width: 72"
Height: 24"
Resolution: 72 Pixels/Inch

Acceptable Raster file formats are .psd, .jpg, or .pdf.

If you have Vector art: GREAT!  Please submit it in any of the following formats: .pdf .ai or .eps. 

How do I set up artwork for my screen printed T-shirts?

Unless you're printing Full color, Direct-to-Garment t-shirts that you've gotten custom quoted, the t-shirts you order from are going to be screen printed.  We use quality plastisol inks that will make your design look professional and last a really really long time.  

Screen printing requires art to be set up in a specific way.  Each color in your design requires its own screen, so your art needs to be prepped accordingly.  Think of each screen as a stencil, where solid ink gets spread over it to print what we call a "spot color".  This is the reason that we can't print different shades of colors, and why each color requires its own screen.  We can however, use a process called halftones which is a series of dots that are printed in one solid ink color, but gives the effect of shading.  

In order to print spot colors, we'll need to have a color separated art file to print from.  If your'e not super comfortable with photoshop or Illustrator, or need help color separating your art file, the Art Department will always do their best to prep your file for printing.  If you ARE comfortable with design programs that allow you to create a file with layers, it is ideal to send your file over already color-separated. 

This is what a color separated file in Photoshop looks like (note the layers on the right side)

Again, if you're having problems color separating your artwork, our Art Department will do our best to do the separations for you.  

The overall size of the image should be 300dpi (dots or pixels per inch) at the size you want the image to be printed on the shirt.  We can print up to 13" wide or 16" tall, whichever is greater.  If you set your art up in Photoshop, please submit the art as a .PSD and please be sure that you don't flattened the layers if you've color-separated the image.  Other formats that are accepted are .pdf, .ai, .eps, .jpeg or .png.  The important thing is that the resolution and sizing are correct, and that it's a format we're able to open. 

As far as the ink color, we match colors in your design to the closest Coated 3-Digit Pantone color (for example, 625C).  If you have a very specific color you'd like used for the ink, you can send us a swatch or the pantone number.  Please remember that all monitors display color differently, so the proof may not give you a completely accurate gauge of the color.  We do our very best to match the ink colors to your original artwork as closely as possible.

Here's how you can pick a pantone color if using the program Photoshop:

Double click on the color swatch (bottom of tools window) to open the Color Picker window.   To select a pantone color, click "Color Libraries". 

From the PANTONE solid coated library, select whichever 3 digit pantone you'd like to use for the ink color.  You can name the layer the pantone number, or just submit it to the Bands on a Budget Support Team when placing your order.

The Front Bottoms Hot Chocolate Tour 2014

The Front Bottoms - Hot Chocolate Tour 2014 - Admat

Download Admat With You Blew It

Download Admat With You Blew It and The Wild

Each download includes a color version as well as black and white version. If you have any questions or need help with the art files please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone listed to the right.