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Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


What are IndieCards and how do they work?

There are several different types of physical IndieCards, which are broken down into two main categories:


1. Single-code
    This option has the same code on the back of all of the cards.  The single-code cards make sense if you're giving the card away for promotional use and are not concerned with the code getting shared.  This option is available on 16pt card stock, with the dimensions of 3.5" x 2" card.  While rounded corners are standard for IndieCards, you can opt for square corners if that is preferred. 


2. Multi-code
    Multi-code IndieCards have a unique code on the back of each card, which can be set to expire after a certain amount of uses (determined by you).  This is a popular option if you're selling the IndieCards instead of CDs, or want to make sure the code doesn't get passed around.  Unlike the single-code cards, these are available at the dimension of 3.5" x 2" with square corners on 14pt card stock.  


Both the Single and Multi use cards come standard with a year of service on our IndieCard Platform (a custom subdomain on where you can upload the content to make available to your audience), with 100MB of storage space, and the ability to view download stats and collect information from your users, all from your IndieCard Dashboard.


We have another option called the “Digital” IndieCard, which essentially is JUST the download platform, without a physical card. You would still have a link to a webpage that has your music available for download, but you would get this code out to your fans via a vehicle other than the physical IndieCard. The different quantities available represent the number of variable (unique) codes we create for you to give out (100, 500, 1000, etc). If you opt for this option, you will basically be given an excel spreadsheet with a list of the unique codes that unlock the content on your IndieCard page. With Digital IndieCards, you can also opt to use our Simple Coupon Service, which is basically a .pdf that prompts your fans to access your music. On each of those coupons is a unique code. Since we’d only be sending you a .pdf of these “coupon cards,” you would be printing them out yourself (it’s 100% digital on our end, no physical product is sent to you). While this option isn’t MUCH less expensive than just ordering the physical Static IndieCards, it is rather significantly less expensive than ordering Dynamic IndieCards.
If you have any additional questions, such as which IndieCard is right for you, or the different ways your IndieCard can be used, please reach out to a member of the Support Team. 

How much content can I upload on my IndieCard page?

Your order of IndieCards includes a year or 6 months of service on our IndieCard platform. The amount of space included is 100MB, which is typically enough room for an entire record, depending on the number and length of yours songs. If you need additional space, you may upgrade your plan to either 250MB or 500MB.

The pricing for upgrading is as follows:
Upgrade to 250MB for $9.99 

Upgrade to 500MB for $18.99 

Additional upgrade information:

Add 1 year service for $19.99 

Upgrade to 500MB and add 1 year of service for $29.99 

How do I upload content onto my IndieCard platform?

Your IndieCard account will be activated by the team once your IndieCard order has been paid for.  Once your page is activated, follow these steps to get your page set up:

1.  Login to your user account
2. Click "View IndieCard Projects" under "IndieCard Management" on the bottom left

3.  From here, you'll be able to view your IndieCard campaigns.  To edit/set up content on one of your campaigns, click the "Edit This IndieCard button," which looks like a pencil and paper.  This will bring you into the IndieCard dashboard.

4. To update/submit your general information, such as your website and hometown, click the "Edit General Information" button. 

5.  To upload music, .PDFs, video files, etc. simply click the Manage Media tab.  You can either drag files into the field, or click the "select media" button.  

Once the uploads are completed, your content will be ready for fans to download!

How do I set up my IndieCard artwork?

IndieCards are 2" x 3.5"  with full color printing on the front and back for Single-Code IndieCards, and full color front, 1 color back printing for Multi-Code IndieCards.  Templates for each of the IndieCards can be found directly on the individual product page.  We ask that you please size your artwork to 300dpi, place it into the template and send it to us as a PSD.   Please never flatten your artwork to the template, and make sure that there is no text around the outer 1/8" of the artwork, or it'll risk getting cut off. 

If you're not sure how to do that, don't fret.  Just send us whatever you have and our Art Department will either be able to give you easy-to-understand feedback on what's needed, or in some cases, can get your artwork print-ready for you and placed into the template.  We'll never print artwork that won't look high quality. 

Why do we ask you to use a template?  Print-products such as IndieCards are printed on large sheets, and then cut down to size when they're done being printed.  In order to have your image bleed off the edge without getting any important art or text cut off, the template shows you exactly where the bleed area should extend to, as well as the approximate cut line.  By using the templates, you'll be able to visualize exactly where these areas are and how your end product will look.  

Below is a screenshot of the Single-Code IndieCard template.   The green area around the edge is the bleed area- your art should extend all the way to the edge, filling up this whole box.  The orange area is the approximate cut line (which is never exactly accurate).  The black dashed line is the "safety" area.  It is recommended that you keep all text inside of this area; if it extends past the dashed line, it could get cut off.  Anything within the dashed line is safe for printing and does not risk getting cut off.  Please note, this screenshot is for reference only (please use high resolution template at when setting up artwork).   

The back of the Indiecard has an area where the URL and promo code will need to be entered- you can either enter this information yourself, or we can add it in for you.  You are not required to use the information and design from the template for the back of your card; however, if you choose to create your own layout, please make sure that your URL and promo code are very clear.  

If you are setting up artwork for a Multi-Code IndieCard (IndieCards that have a different code on the back of each card) please leave the promo code space blank; we will enter the unique codes before printing. 

Can I put the IndieCard player on my website?

On the back of your IndieCard is a URL that directs fans to a page where they can download the content you've made available to them. You have two main options for this: to direct them to a custom URL or to direct them to your website, where they will access your content on a widget which you have embedded.  

For option #1, your Bands on a Budget IndieCard URL will look like this:  Here is a sample page:
Promo code: mixitup

To direct fans to your website, you will need to embed a widget onto the backend of your site. To do this, simply login to your IndieCard Campaign Control page, click the tab on the top for "Widgets & Social Media" and embed the first widget code onto your website.  Your website must be able to allow iframes.  

Please note- we HIGHLY recommend testing the widgets on your website or Facebook page before we print the direct link on the back of your IndieCard.   Here is some sample code that you can use to test the widget on your site:

<!-- Start BandsOnABudget/ Widget.  This platform is the property of Merchwerks, LLC.  Note: You may have to adjust the height of the widget to properly fit the content in the window --><iframe src="" frameborder="0" style="width:580px;height:900px"><p>Your browser does not support this widget.</p></iframe><!-- End BandsOnABudget/ Widget -->

Promo code: mixitup


What's the turnaround time on IndieCards?

You can opt for either 7-10 business day turnaround OR 5 business day turnaround. The turnaround time starts the first business day after proof approval, and does not include shipping time. 

Why can't I put the IndieCard player on my Facebook page?

Unfortunately, since Facebook has switched over to Timeline, some apps like the IndieCard player no longer work on Facebook. Your two options for using Facebook are to send your fans to a custom subdomain on the website ( OR you can opt to embed the IndieCard widget directly onto your band's website.  

What can I use IndieCards for?

IndieCards are an extremely versatile product, and we've had customers use them for everything from music downloads to wedding invitations. Here are a few different ways IndieCards can be used:

Music. We'll start with the obvious one; the avenue that most download card platforms started off with. As physical CDs continue to phase out into the more popular digital mediums, digital download cards have become a great solution to distributing something digital in an un-invasive physical form. Musicians can sell or hand out these business card-sized IndieCards with a link on the back, leading their fans to a page that has all sorts of content to unlock with their unique code; songs, photos, websites, tour dates, etc. IndieCards also go hand in hand with the returning popularity of vinyl records; many bands couple this old school format with a more digital-friendly IndieCard, so fans can still access the music on their computers in addition to their turntables.

Video. Have a short video you're trying to distribute? Want to spread around a movie trailer for an upcoming film you're promoting? IndieCards are a great way to distribute videos. Used the same way that bands would use them for music, fans would simply follow the link on the back of the card, enter their promo code, and be able to download your video right on the spot. This is a great way to keep your footage exclusive, but accessible.

E-book. Independent publishing is on the rise, and with many different resources available for authors these days, it is always good to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're adding short stories, clips, or your entire award-winning novel, we can accommodate your talents and give you a way to digitally distribute your independently published e-book- with no strings attached.

Portfolio. Looking for a unique, cutting-edge way to represent yourself as an artist, prospective employee, producer, etc? IndieCards can be used as a platform to host your portfolio; from video clips you've created, photos (great for photographers, artists, and models), music (hello musicians, producers, engineers), and documents (resumes anyone?). This form of distributing your portfolio sure beats your standard sheet of paper!

EPK. The electronic press kit. A forward-thinking way of promoting your band, brand, or business to record labels, publishing companies, etc. Once you have your EPK produced and ready to be sent out, what distribution technique can you use that doesn't cancel out the innovative nature of your product? Sending a CD or a link via email might get it where it has to go, but it's not going to make you stand out. Instead, try distributing a full color, glossy card that has a link and promo code to download your EPK. It's innovative, it's easy, and it gets the job done while representing your creative and cutting-edge nature accurately.

What's the difference between single-code and multi-code? Which one is right for me?

There are two main options to select from when choosing your IndieCard type: Single-Code and Multi-Code.
The difference between the two is that single-code has the same code on the back of each card while multi-code data has a unique code on the back of each card. 

When deciding which IndieCard type is best for you, you may want to first determine the use of your IndieCards.  If you are using them strictly for promotion, Single-Code IndieCards will probably suit your needs. However, if you are selling your IndieCards or are worried about the promo code getting shared, you can opt for Multi-code IndieCards, choosing for the individual promo codes to expire after a certain amount of uses (determined by you). 


Wtih our other option, “Digital” IndieCard, which essentially is JUST the download platform, without a physical card. You would still have a link to a webpage that has your music available for download, but you would get this code out to your fans via a vehicle other than the physical IndieCard. The different quantities available represent the number of variable (unique) codes we create for you to give out (100, 500, 1000, etc). If you opt for this option, you will basically be given an excel spreadsheet with a list of the unique codes that unlock the content on your IndieCard page as well as a PDF download of cards that include the codes on them that you can print out.


Are there any set up charges for IndieCards?

There are no set up charges associated with IndieCards.  

The pricing on our website includes the physical cards (unless you ordered digital-only), an option to choose the amount of space you'd like on your cards, and a year of service on our download platform.  There are optional add-ons, such as upgrading space and length of duration, but there are never any set up charges associated with IndieCards.  


How long does my IndieCard Campaign stay active?

Your IndieCard account will remain active for 1 year after activation.  If you would like to extend your campaign, you may do so for only $19.99 per additional year.  If you would like to extend your campaign, simply get in touch with a sales rep!

Additional upgrade information:
Upgrade to 250MB for $9.99 

Upgrade to 500MB for $18.99 

Add 1 year service for $19.99 

Upgrade to 500MB and add 1 year of service for $29.99 

Can I use IndieCards to collect information from my fans?

Yes! When setting up your IndieCard campaign, you can opt to create custom questions to ask your fans when they enter the promo code to download your music. To do this, login to your IndieCard control page, click the tab on the top that says "Manage Questions" then enter your question in the "Add New Question" field. You can then choose if you want to make this question mandatory or optional.  


To access the answers to these questions, just click on the "Stats & Reports" tab on the top left, and download the spreadsheet with all of the information!  You can see how many fans have downloaded your music, and also obtain the information you've collected with your custom questions.   This is a great way to build up a mailing list, and rest assured, this information is for your use only.