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Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


How Long Does It Take To Print and Deliver My Shirts

PRODUCTION TIME Our standard T-Shirt production time is 9-12 Business Days. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIME Production time does not include shipping time, we make every effort deliver orders within 12 business days or less. Most US addresses require 3-4 business days for shipping. Some addresses can require up to 4 businesses days in transit, however this is rare. PROOFING IS INCLUDED IN PRODUCTION TIME Proofs are usually sent within 24 hours of your order being paid for. We ask that you you approve your proofs within 24 hours of receiving the proof. The time used for proof creating and review is budgeted into our production time, and will not delay your order . If additional proofs or changes are requested, production time may be delayed. DEADLINES If a deadline is requested less than 12 business days form the production start day, we will do our best to deliver your order by the requested deadline, however deadlines less than 12 business days are not guaranteed. Please reach out to the team if have any questions about adding a deadline to a order.

How many colors are in my t-shirt design?

When screen printing artwork on custom t-shirts, please keep in mind that each color in your design will require its own screen.  The more screens your design requires, the higher the price per shirt.  Additionally, there is a $25 screen set up charge applied to each color in your design.  In other words, to keep your cost down, you'll want to print as few colors as possible. 

To determine how many colors are in your custom printed t-shirts' design, simply count each shade/color that you see in your design.  Some shading/gradients can be printed with 1 ink color using a process called halftones, which converts this portion of your design to small dots or lines to give an effect of shading. Once your artwork has been uploaded, our art department will be able to tell you whether or not your design can be printed using halftones.

If your design requires more than 5-6 screens, we will recommend using a full color printing process rather than screen printing.  A custom quote can be provided for this option once your artwork and order details have been reviewed.

What does "number of imprint locations" mean?

When printing your custom band t-shirt, we know it is tempting to go a little crazy! Luckily, we are able to print on a variety of locations on our apparel options. The number of imprint locations simply means how many different places we will be using a screen to print artwork on your shirt.  This includes the front of the shirt, back, sleeve, hood, etc.  

For example, if you're printing a custom band t-shirt with a design on the front and back of a shirt, that counts as 2 imprint locations.  If you want to print on the front only, that counts as 1 imprint location.  To print on the hood of a sweatshirt, the front, back, and sleeve, would be 4 imprint locations. 

The maximum screen size we offer is 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall. 

What type of t-shirts should I order?

There are many Garment Types and Styles available on our Instant Quote Generator, so how do you know which one is right for your band?  Here are a few things to consider when ordering a custom band t-shirt...

What is your budget?
- Printing on standard 100% Cotton T-shirts is typically less expensive than printing on fashion fit or other specialty t-shirt styles.  Consider how much money you have to spend, and also how much you're comfortable selling the shirts to your fans for.   Thanks to it's low price point and extensive color selection, the most popular, "standard" band shirt is the Gildan 5000 100% Cotton T-shirt.  

Are you looking for standard shirts or a specific style?
- Consider the style you want your custom band t-shirt to be.  Do you want a loosely fitted standard shirt?  A v-neck?  Tank top?  A shirt with a more fitted style to it?  If you're looking for a Fashion Fit shirt, we highly recommend the Canvas 3001C shirt.  With a feel comparable to American Apparel, this soft and fitted shirt will most likely still fit within your budget. 

Do you want men's shirts or women's shirts? 
- While unisex or men's shirts are always a safe bet for a custom band t-shirt, many bands do opt to print shirts specifically for ladies.  American Apparel, known for their high quality garments and popular branding, is available in both men's AND women's shirts.  Some alternatives to American Apparel include the soft, fashion fit Bella 6000 t-shirt, the Anvil 815 tank top, and the Bella 1011 spaghetti strap shirt.  V-necks are also available in women's cut, including the ultra affordable Tultex 0214TC.  

All fans are different, so to get a feel for which styles and sizes would sell best, ask around your merch table for some input before placing your next t-shirt order!  

How can I get the most custom made t-shirts for my money?

We know that band t-shirt designs can get a little crazy, and sometimes that amounts to a pricier product. There are several factors that affect the price of your merchandise.  Here are a few tips for getting the greatest amount of t-shirts for your money.

1. Order your custom made t-shirts in bulk
Have you ever wondered how prices are calculated for ordering shirts? The cost per shirt depends not on how many shirts you order, but how many pieces you're printing of each band t-shirt design. If your band needs 100 shirts and sends us 4 designs, you're paying the max price (for 25 shirts each) instead of getting a price break for ordering 100 shirts. To get the most merch for your money, we recommend ordering in bulk, one design at a time. The higher the quantity per design, the lower the price per unit. The price breaks are at 24, 48, 84, 144, 288.... Don't worry about having too many of the same shirt; you can print the same design on different products and still get the price break. Mix and match sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, in all different colors and sizes (there is no additional cost to mix and match the garment color, however ink colors require a screen wash, which is $9 per color switch).
One side note: bulk ordering doesn't apply only to apparel. You'll notice that getting twice as many stickers, postcards, postcards, etc. never equals twice the price. In many cases with printing, the expense is in setting up all the equipment to print your order, so ordering a higher quantity won't cost you too much more.  We know sometimes it's harder to get more money upfront, but you'll certainly get more merch for your money if you're able to place one large order instead of several small ones.
2. Print your t-shirt designs on white shirts
As a general rule, white shirts are always cheaper than any other color. If you're set on a band t-shirt design with lots of ink colors, or several locations, you can keep the cost per shirt down by ordering white shirts. Why is this? For one reason, the shirts themselves are just cheaper. The second reason has to do with printing. When a light color ink is printed on a colorful shirt, it needs a flash, which is a base layer of ink to be able to see the lighter color ink. This process takes longer and involves more labor and equipment, justifying a higher price.
3. Use fewer ink colors
When designing t-shirts for your band, it is is easy to get hooked on a design concept with lots of colors! However awesome it may look, this can also lead to some pretty expensive merch, but it doesn't have to. The first tip is to make sure you utilize the color of the shirt itself (the same is true for the white vinyl background of a sticker). When screen printing a band t-shirt design, consider the color of the shirt or vinyl as an ink color in itself and save on one color. Secondly, if you have shading in your design, you can often convert it to half tones, which are little dots or lines that vary in size to create an image. The best part of this is that you can print a pretty intricate design with shading in only one color! Consider these shortcuts before printing a full color design!
4. Print in less locations by utilizing your screens
Another factor that heavily influences the cost per shirt is the number of print locations in your design. We understand that sometimes you can't avoid a 2 or 3 location shirt, but sometimes you can! The size of a screen is 14x18. What does this mean? Depending on your design, you may be able to print in 2 locations with the same screen, resulting in much lower prices. For example, you want to put your band logo and website on a shirt, but not next to each other. Try putting the logo on the top of the shirt, with the website at the bottom corner. Or try doing a design that wraps around the side of the shirt. You have 13" x 16" worth of space to print for each location, so be sure to use it!
5. Order your merch in packages
Choose from one of our pre-designed packages or create your own. A general rule of thumb for placing merch orders is: the more you buy upfront, the less you pay for each item. As a band, brand, or business, we know how important it is to get your name out there, so we've created pre-made packages covering everything from t-shirts to stickers, IndieCards to banners, and more. The packages are created specifically for those just starting up, those who've been around for a while, and those who need lots of merch (great for touring). Alternatively, you can create your own packages and ask your sales rep about bulk order discounts!
6. Have your artwork print-ready
One aspect of ordering merch that often holds up the order and adds additional expenses, is artwork. Print-ready artwork has a resolution of 300dpi in photoshop (.psd) or illustrator (.ai) format. When artwork is sent to us that's not print-ready, our designer has to recreate the art, leading to extra charges and more time before the order is complete. Make sure if you have a multi-color design that it's color separated and the layers are not flattened. Here is some additional information for preparing your artwork:
7. Ask about sales/specials
Whether you get an extra 10% off all stickers, or a great deal on a new super soft t-shirt we carry, you'll always save big with our monthly specials. Every month we create a new special to give bands a chance to try new products at a great price. These specials are announced in our monthly newsletter, as well as on our Social Media! Not on our mailing list? Contact us to sign up, Like us on Facebook:, or Follow us on Twitter:
8. Re-order the same design
With certain products such as t-shirts, it'll cost you less money the second time around. Remember the first time you ordered t-shirts and you had to pay screen charges for every color and location? Well, never again (for that design at least). We keep your old screens, so anytime you want to re-order a specific design, you''ll only be charged for the shirts and printing, no set up/screen charges.
9. Don't wait til the last minute to order
Believe it or not, waiting until the last minute to order merch can be a costly gamble!  If you know you need your merch by a certain day, get in touch with us at least 2 weeks prior.  This way, we can make sure your artwork looks the best it possibly can and that the finished product is everything you want and more.  When doing a rush order, you may need to pay rush fees or ship the order overnight, which can cost significantly more than standard shipping. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary charges!

How should I set up my t-shirt artwork?

Please set up your artwork at 300dpi at the size you'd like to print your design across the garment with colors separated.  Preferred formats are .psd, .ai, .eps and high resolution .pdf.  

Be sure to note how wide you would like to print your artwork across your garment.  You will be receive a proof for approval before we begin printing, so that you may check the sizing and placement of your artwork on a mock up shirt. 

What are the price breaks for custom printed t-shirts?

Like many of our products, the cost per custom printed shirt decreases with larger quantity orders. Price breaks come at the following quantities:


Want to order over 500 pieces? A sales rep will be happy to discuss discounted rates. 

What is the maximum print size on a t-shirt?

The maximum screen size for t-shirts is 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall.  Oversized screens are available for custom quotes. 

What can I use custom made t-shirts for?

Custom made t-shirts are a great source of promotion for your band, brand or business.  You can use custom t-shirts to sell to fans at shows, or hand out for promotional use. You can also bundle other merchandise items (such as IndieCards and guitar picks) with your band t-shirt to give them added value! 

Are there any set up charges for t-shirts?

There is a $25 screen set up charge applied per color, per location for t-shirt orders.   For example, if you're printing 2 colors on the front of your shirt, and 1 color on the back, there will be 3 screen set up charges (totaling $75).   When using the instant quote generator on the t-shirt page,  the quote includes the screen set up charges.  We keep all screen films on file, so if you ever need to do an exact re-order (same print size with no changes to the design), you will NOT be charged the screen charge ever again. 


I want to print my design on a few different shirt colors. Can I mix and match colors?

As long as the design is exactly the same, you can mix and match garment colors without it affecting the price.  However, if you use a different INK color, there is a $9 screen wash charge for each time the ink color changes.  

For example, you can order 12 black shirts, 8 navy shirts, and 4 purple shirts, all with white ink, and the price would be the same as if you ordered 24 black shirts (there is no additional fee). 

However, If you were to order 12 black shirts and 8 navy shirts with white ink, plus 4 purple shirts with green ink, there would be a $9 fee added onto the order for a screen wash (resulting only from the change in ink color).