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Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


What's the difference between a sticker roll and cut vinyl stickers?

There are two ways you can order stickers: on a roll or cut vinyl. 

Roll stickers come on a perforated roll so that they're convenient to store and easy to tear, while cut vinyl stickers are printed with individual backing and are sent in a stack. A sticker roll stickers are generally more cost effective, but cut stickers tend to offer more color options. You can check out some examples of both on our Pinterest page:

How many ink colors are in my sticker design?

Up to 3 colors can be screenprinted on vinyl stickers.  When screen printing artwork on stickers, please keep in mind that each color in your design will require its own screen.  The more screens your design requires, the higher the price will be.  In other words, to keep your cost down, you'll want to print as few colors as possible. 

To determine how many colors are in your design, simply count each shade/color that you see in your design.  We print on white vinyl, so you do not need to count white as an ink color, so, if your artwork is black and white, you will only need to print 1 ink color. 

Some shading/gradients can be printed with 1 ink color using a process called halftones, which converts this portion of your design to small dots or lines to give an effect of shading.  If the shading requires a fine halftone screen, an additional $50 charge will be applied each time you re-order the same sticker design. 

There is a color chart for cut vinyl stickers and roll stickers that shows all standard sticker color options.  If you need an exact color match, the PMS match charge is $50 per color, and gets applied each time you do a sticker re-order. 

If your design requires more than 3 colors, you will have to use a full color digital process.  A custom quote can be provided for this option once your artwork and order details have been reviewed.    

How do I set up my artwork for my custom sticker rolls?

For best results, custom sticker rolls' artwork should be sent as vector (ai, eps and some PDFs), or as a 300dpi layered PSD. Colors should be separated and sent on separate layers.  Please place artwork into the appropriate template before sending it over, but be sure not to flatten your artwork to the template.  

We understand that not all bands are also graphic designers, and that the above may sound like total gibberish.  Don't panic though!  If you have a JPEG, PNG, or piece of paper scanned into your computer, just send it over whatever you have and someone from our Art Department will be able to give you easy-to-understand feedback, and in a lot of cases, fix the art up for you.  It's also no big deal for us to put the art into the template for you.  Just send us what you've got, and as always- we won't print anything until your art is totally ready for high quality printing. 

What color vinyl do you print stickers on?

We print both roll and cut stickers on white vinyl.  Therefore, if there is white in your design, it will not count as an ink color. 

In some cases, yellow vinyl may be available for roll stickers, and clear vinyl may be available for cut stickers. 

What is the turnaround time for sticker printing?

Turnaround time begins the day after art approval and does not include shipping.  
Standard turnaround time:
5-7 business days for Roll Stickers
9-12 business days for Cut Stickers

What size option are there for a custom roll of stickers?

For a custom roll of stickers, there are 4 different size/price tiers. For custom cut stickers, there are 3 different size/price tiers. 

Roll sticker size options:

Tier 1:  1"x1" Square, 1" Circle, 1"x3" Rectangle, 1.5"x3" Rectangle, 2"x2" Square, 2" Circle, 1.25"x3.5" Rectangle, 1.25"x3.5 Rectangle

Tier 2: 2"x3" Rectangle, 2.25"x3" Rectangle, 2.5"x2.5" Square, 2.5" Circle, 1.5"x3" Oval, 2"x3" Oval

Tier 3:  2"x4" Rectangle, 2"x4" Oval, 3"x4" Rectangle, 3"x4" Oval, 3"x3" Square, 3" Circle, 3.5" Circle, 4"x4" Square, 4"x4" Circle, 3"x5" Rectangle

Tier 4:  2"x6" Rectangle, 4"x5" Rectangle, 4"x6" Rectangle

Cut vinyl sticker size options:

Tier 1:  2"x2" Square, 2"x2" Circle, 2.5"x2.5" Square, 2.5"x2.5" Circle, 2"x4" Rectangle, 3"x3" Square, 3"x3" Circle

Tier 2: 3.5"x3.5" Square, 3.5"x3.5" Circle, 5"x3" Rectangle, 4"x4" Square, 4"x4" Circle, 4"x3" Rectangle

Tier 3: 8"x3" Rectangle, 6"x4" Rectangle, 5"x4" Rectangle, 8"x4" Rectangle

What are the standard ink color options for stickers?

The standard colors available for roll stickers can be found on this chart:
The standard colors available for cut stickers can be found on this chart:

​If you need an exact PMS match, a $50 fee will be applied.

What if the ink color I want isn't a standard sticker ink color?

No problem! Exact PMS matches can be added to your order for an additional $50 per color.  This fee is applied to re-orders as well. 

My sticker design has a lot of colors. Do you offer full color printing for stickers?

While our standard cut vinyl and roll stickers feature screen printed stickers, we DO offer full color, digital printing for stickers.  Pricing is based on the size sticker and the quantity.  Please be aware that full color printing is only available on cut vinyl (not on a roll).   

At this time full color stickers are custom quoted, but will be made available on the website soon.  Please contact a sales rep in the meantime for custom quoting.

On a budget?  Here's a tip:  In the interest of keeping cost down, you may want to consider keeping your sticker artwork to a maximum of 3 colors, which can be screen printed on a roll.  

I want a custom-shaped sticker. Do you print die-cut stickers?

If you're looking to print a sticker shape aside from a square, rectangle, oval, or circle, you're probably looking for a die-cut sticker.  This product requires a custom quote, which is priced based on the size and number of ink colors.  The set up fee to create a die is $143 (this fee is in addition to the sticker price).  

Some sample pricing:
6-10 square inches (2x3, 2x4, 2x5, etc)
1 ink color on white vinyl
QTY: 500  $262.50
QTY 1,000 $307
QTY 2,500 $372.50

To get a custom quote, please contact a sales rep with your specs (size and number of ink colors).  If you have artwork available, please upload it into your user account to help ensure an accurate quote. 

For die cut sticker examples, check out our Pinterest: