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Have a question?  We have answers.  Here you'll find information about setting up your artwork, using templates, production turnaround times, individual product information, shipping and much more.  If you don't find the information you need, please give us a call at 866-471-3868. 


What can I use banners for?

Banners are one of the most effective promotion and marketing tools out there. Banners can be used as a backdrop on stage, letting the audience and potential fans know who you are!  Banners are also often used behind the merch table, at outdoor festivals, or wherever you have the opportunity to hang it!

Not in a band?  Banners are also great for grand openings, tradeshows, and other events!  

What type of vinyl do you print banners on?

All of our full color vinyl banners are printed on a durable 13oz vinyl which is suitable for outdoor use and will last for years.  

Do banners include full color printing?

Vinyl banners are printed digitally and include full color printing on one side of 13oz outdoor vinyl.  That means that you can print any artwork (as long as it's the proper resolution), such as photographs, logos, etc.  Please size your art to be 72dpi at the size it's being printed, submitted as a .psd, .eps, .ai, or a high res .pdf.  

Banners include hems around all 4 edges and grommets in the corners to allow for easy hanging (for larger banners there may be additional grommets every 2 feet).

What is the turnaround time for banners?

The turnaround time for banners is 6-8 business days.  Turnaround times start the first business day following proof approval and do not include shipping time.  If you have a sensitive deadline, please make us aware of it early on so we can provide you with expedited printing and shipping options. 

How do I set up my artwork for a banner?

Our vinyl banners include full color printing.  Please submit your artwork at 72dpi at the size banner you'd like to print and submit it as a .psd, .ai, .eps, .jpg, or .pdf file.  For example, if you are ordering a 5 x 3 banner your artwork should be sized at 60 inches x 36 inches at a resolution of 72 dpi.   We print in CMYK color mode, so please be sure to set your artwork to this mode so you don't experience any unexpected color shifts. 

Please also be sure to keep all text away from the outer 3" to avoid getting cut off during the hemming process. 

What sizes are available for banners?

There are a number of popular sizes listed on the banner page of, however we can print any custom size within 6" increments.  The pricing is $5.50/sq ft.  

How can I hang my banner?

Our full color vinyl banners come with grommets (holes outlined by silver rings) for easy hanging.  The grommets are placed in all 4 corners of the banner, but for larger banners, we can provide grommets every 2 feet, to ensure that your banner doesn't sag.  

You can either use string/rope, nails, or thumbtacks to hang your banner on stage, behind your merch table, or anywhere else you see fit! 

Below is a banner that has the grommets in 4 corners, plus additional grommets every two feet along the top and bottom.  It was hung from the top using thumb tacks.

How much do banners cost?

Banners cost $5.50/square foot.  Standard sizes with pricing are listed on the Vinyl Banners product page on  To calculate pricing for a custom size, which is $5.50/square foot, simply multiple the length x width, then multiply your result by 5.50.  For example:
10' x 3' banner
10x3= 30 square feet
30sq ft x $5.50/sq ft = $165

If you are looking to print multiple or very large banners, please contact your sales rep for a discounted rate per square foot.